Marcel Deiss Burg 2009

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Jean-Michel Deiss is among those wine-growers not simply content to make great wines- he wants to make history. In an Alsace where the dominant religion is the fruity expression of the varietal, he is looking by any means necessary to exalt the character of his beautiful terroirs around the medieval fortifications of Bergheim: by going back to a centuries-old tradition where different grape varieties are planted side by side. These mixed plantings, when coupled with biodynamic farming, only accentuate the soil's minerality. Like never before we can now taste the incredible diversity of his vineyard mosaic, with 2007s that are powerful, concentrated, and age-worthy; with 2008s that are racy, taut, and bursting with a kaleidoscope of flavors. Vineyard is 2h of Pinot Noir; 25h of twelve different white varietals!