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Matthiasson Village Cabernet

To call Steve Matthiasson’s knowledge of the history of wine and wine growing “encyclopedic” would be a massive understatement. A few years ago, several of us were lucky enough to sit in Matsuhisa one afternoon as Matthiason shared his deep knowledge of his profession as one of the leading vineyard managers in the world. The six time James Beard Award nominee has helped vineyard owners turn unproductive plots others may well have torn out into healthy, productive fields.

Steve and his wife, Jill Klein, have been producing wines under their name for a number of years, achieving high accolades across their production. A few years ago, the Matthiassons built their own winemaking facility. Notably absent was a sorting table. As Matthiason would explain, if he couldn’t figure it out in the vineyard he probably wouldn’t figure it out.

The Matthiasons vinify their wines to provide superb accompaniment to food. They are subtle and nuanced, enchanting the drinker to savor and explore their depths. They are priced at the mid-range of Napa Valley wines. However, their Village Cabernet offers an opportunity to enjoy the Matthiasons’ wines at an everyday price.

“We blended a “table Cab” from delicious lots of our wine that didn’t quite make it into our Matthiasson Cabernet blend but that tasted great together as a non-vintage “village” wine.”

– Steve Matthiasson

Priced at $36.99, the Matthiasson Village Cabernet offers excellent drinking and, at 10% off for World Cabernet Sauvignon Day, a real reason to celebrate.


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