Grappa Fine Wines & Spirits Celebrates One Year of Screaming

It’s really hard to imagine that yesterday was the 1st Anniversary of La Gritona tequila arriving in our lives. It was an instant favorite around here – such a mellow take on the spirit, rounded out with notes of cinnamon.  We happily introduced it to as many people as would listen. 

If you haven’t heard about La Gritona yet, you should know that the spirit is grafted by Mexico’s first female master tequila maker. Her history and her personality are well described in this New York Times article from 2018, my favorite line (though I’m a vegetarian) being “I don’t eat the food of my food.” 

If the flavor and the story aren’t good enough, it comes in a lovely little bottle made of recycled Coca Cola bottles, but really, it could come in plastic and you would need to try it anyway just because it’s so fabulous. 

Oh, and La Gritona translates as “The Screamer.”

Available in darling .375ml bottles, and handsome .750’s!

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