Mijenta Tequila

For El Grito de Deloras this year, we are proud to add Mijenta Tequila a new, small-batch tequila that, according to Cool Hunting and by our humble estimation, delivers a perfectly balanced sipping experience: clean and fresh, with a peppery finish and velvety mouthfeel. For tequila enthusiasts, experts and rookies, there’s a uniqueness and vibrancy that comes with this spirit that extends beyond the liquid itself.

The name Mijenta comes from “mi gente” meaning “my people,” and it’s a sentiment that permeates the brand’s ethos.
Crafted by master tequiladora Ana Maria Romero, this sustainably grown, Earth- and community-centric spirit is an exquisite sipping tequila that you will enjoy chatting about with friends.

Complex and silky with a long finish, Mijenta is the purest form of the agave plant meeting the most supreme expression of quality and artistry.

Mijenta is a sustainable artisanal tequila from the highlands of Jalisco, offering a unique super-premium proposition. the spirit was created by a passionate collective who believe in doing well by doing right. We highly recommend a bottle or two to kick of the festivities. Place your order here.

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