An Historic Arrival

It is being called the most important and historic American whiskey in a generation, and we are proud to offer a few bottles of Leopold Bros.’ historic Three Chamber Rye.

For over a hundred years, American rye whiskey was commonly produced in what was called a Three Chamber Still to extract not only distillate, but also oils and aromas hidden in the grains. The resulting spirit was marketed as “heavy-bodied” whiskey, but production stopped just after World War II and the still in which it was made became a lost American tradition.

Leopold Bros. has painstakingly re-engineered a Three Chamber Still from old manuscripts and grew the heritage grain Abruzzi rye that was favored by Pre-Prohibition distillers to resurrect this one-of-a-kind whiskey.
The Collector’s Edition is the first bottling of the Three Chamber Rye Whiskey and is hand-signed and numbered by Todd Leopold.  

A homage to Colorado and the Mile High City, only 5,280 bottles of this unique first bottling will ever be produced.

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