Brewery of the Month – 4 Noses Brewery

This month, we highlight 4 Noses Brewing Company, a family-owned Colorado-based brewery. First, a little bit about why Colorado beer needs celebrating. In the whole country, the state ranks number one in gross beer production. Our water is an essential ingredient that makes for great tasting Beer. Freshwater from the Rocky Mountain springs has the perfect chemistry of minerals and pH that can be easily tweaked and adjusted to suit different styles.

Which explains why when the family of four, now five, returned home from Ireland, Colorado would be the great place to start working on their passion for brewing great-tasting beer which rivals their counterparts from across the pond. The creativity and craft poured into this endeavor have resulted in unique and tasty flavors. Their beers range from blondes to dark ales to vibrant flavors created from techniques such as brewing in used wine barrels from Napa. 

From their many unique flavors, we feel these will be a great compliment to the holiday season.

Imperial Stout

El Jeffe con Leche 7.4%

Imperial milk stout with cinnamon, vanilla, coffee, and lactose sugar.

American IPA

Bout Damn Time ABV 7.1%

An assertive yet crushable American India Pale Ale with citrus notes and crisp malts.

German Style Pilsner

4 Noses Perfect Drift Pilsner 4.5%

Crisp and refreshing German-style pilsner, with a brightness derived from Mittelfrüh hops

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